Rescuing Jill

How MDMA, with a Dash of Mushrooms, Healed My Childhood Trauma-Induced PTSD

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Jill Sitnick

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In her 26-year career in educational technology, Jill Sitnick has been an educator, Supervisor of Instructional Technology, and a Microsoft Program Manager and Education Executive.

Most recently she is the author of Rescuing Jill, How MDMA, with a Dash of Magic Mushrooms, Healed my Childhood Trauma-Induced PTSD.  Jill shared her experience with PTSD to explain her healing with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. She is a strong advocate for more research into psychedelics for mental health issues in the hopes of giving more people the opportunity to heal.

Jill lives in Pennsylvania with her clingy dog who keeps the house safe from a litany of sketchy squirrels.