Rescuing Jill

How MDMA, with a dash of mushrooms
healed my childhood trauma-induced ptsd

A deeply personal retelling of healing childhood trauma-induced PTSD with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (MDMA Therapy)


When Jill Sitnick sat on her therapist’s couch trying to stop the panic attack that had lasted for months, she didn’t know she would eventually heal her deeply embedded childhood trauma with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. At age 49, she was diagnosed with PTSD.

But after three medically supervised MDMA journeys, with a dash of psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms) in the third journey, she no longer qualified for a PTSD diagnosis. She had a new hope for the future she had never felt before.

She invites you to her year-long healing process and brings you along as she prepared for her journeys, chatted with her guides while medicated with psychedelics, and did the integration work to release the trauma her body had held for years. Jill shares some of her most painful childhood memories and how she released the fear those memories held over her for decades.

In Rescuing Jill:How MDMA, with a Dash of Mushrooms, Healed My Childhood Trauma-Induced PTSD, Jill shows you why it took a year, and multiple journeys, to fully heal. By describing how MDMA let her view her father’s beatings and mother’s suicide attempts from her adult perspective, she gives you a front-row seat into how psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (MDMA Therapy) healed her trauma and transformed her life.

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Rescuing Jill

Companion Workbook

Intention prompts for psychedelic-assisted pSychotherapy

Workbook Summary

This workbook is the perfect guide if you want to embark on a transformative journey with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Written from a patient’s perspective, Jill provides insightful guidance into the therapeutic process that led to her healing of PTSD from childhood trauma.

This workbook includes eight intention prompts that mirror Jill’s experience. Jill also explains the integration processes she used throughout her year of healing and integration strategies for you to use after your therapeutic journey. Additionally, this workbook explains reframing trauma to help readers understand how healing happens when using MDMA Therapy for PTSD.

This comprehensive workbook includes the following:

  • An explanation of why intentions are used from a patient’s point of view
  • Eight prompts that guide readers to intention setting
  • Explanation of Jill’s integration processes she used throughout her year of healing
  • Integration strategies for the reader to use after a therapeutic journey
  • An explanation of how psychedelics reframe trauma to promote PTSD healing

The intention prompt I used the most